Debbie “Downer” Schlussel Update

We all knew Debbie was a Dumb-Ass, but it appears that this latest development is PROOF!

Debbie "Downer" Schlussel

Our own Cherie Currie just recently watched the tape (the one her publicist took from Debbie)…and, Yes folks, it was BLANK.  Our dip-shit Debbie forgot to press the Record button.  Brilliant Debbie!  Just Brilliant!!

Of course, if Debbie decides to make more  of a stink about the whole situation, I’m positive she will say that our lovely Cherie had erased the tape.  But, in the end, she knows the truth…doesn’t she?

A small note: The last time I checked Deb’s website, she had about 140 comments.  She now has 207 !  The majority of them were, I’m happy to say, in support of Cherie.  But, the reason I am mentioning this is because, in the latest comment, someone named Angela K. called Deb a “Nipple.”  Now, while I appreciate the sentiment, I HAVE to disagree.  I love Nipples!  They are wonderful, like little Hershey’s Kisses. Perfect Packages. Debbie is more like a “Pimple” growing on someone’s @ss! She is irritating, painful, and full of nasty sh!t. Now, if this Angela is referring to men’s nipples…well, THEN I understand.

The only thing we can hope for is that Debbie gets the psychological help she needs, as well lessons on how to be a good INTERVIEWER.  Better yet – she needs a job where she does not interact with people.


~ by Sleepyhead on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Debbie “Downer” Schlussel Update”

  1. I wish this Debbie was a pimple & we could throw some Clearisil on her to make her go away.

    • It would be nice to make her go away. But, unfortunately, life is not that simple. I suppose we will have to make do with bombarding her with our words. I actually don’t mind that – it’s fun to piss people off!!

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