Debbie “Downer” Schlussel Update

•April 18, 2010 • 2 Comments

We all knew Debbie was a Dumb-Ass, but it appears that this latest development is PROOF!

Debbie "Downer" Schlussel

Our own Cherie Currie just recently watched the tape (the one her publicist took from Debbie)…and, Yes folks, it was BLANK.  Our dip-shit Debbie forgot to press the Record button.  Brilliant Debbie!  Just Brilliant!!

Of course, if Debbie decides to make more  of a stink about the whole situation, I’m positive she will say that our lovely Cherie had erased the tape.  But, in the end, she knows the truth…doesn’t she?

A small note: The last time I checked Deb’s website, she had about 140 comments.  She now has 207 !  The majority of them were, I’m happy to say, in support of Cherie.  But, the reason I am mentioning this is because, in the latest comment, someone named Angela K. called Deb a “Nipple.”  Now, while I appreciate the sentiment, I HAVE to disagree.  I love Nipples!  They are wonderful, like little Hershey’s Kisses. Perfect Packages. Debbie is more like a “Pimple” growing on someone’s @ss! She is irritating, painful, and full of nasty sh!t. Now, if this Angela is referring to men’s nipples…well, THEN I understand.

The only thing we can hope for is that Debbie gets the psychological help she needs, as well lessons on how to be a good INTERVIEWER.  Better yet – she needs a job where she does not interact with people.


And Cherie Responds!!

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Our Dear Cherie wrote a comment on my last post and Thanked Me…ME!!  Damn it, I’m all a-fluster!! Cherie, the Pleasure was ALL MINE! I am sure Debbie learned her lesson – that army of yours was fearless, just like their leader!!  Love it!! And Love You!!

But I am also giving a shout-out to one of my girls…she knows who she is.  She let me know of the drama that had unfolded. So to you, this bud is for you. Alright, alright…I’m giving you credit too. I’m putting you as an author, hows that?!

A Runaway Vs. Debbie “Downer” Schlussel

•April 14, 2010 • 6 Comments

I am normally up on all juicy media gossip, however, I seemed to have just missed this fascinating Internet Thow-down.

It all started with the April 9th Nation-wide release of the movie The Runaways (starring Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, and Michael Shannon).

Conservative and Controversial right-wing journalist Debbie Schlussel posted her review of the movie on her website.

In  what should have been a simple critique, instead turned into a criticism…excuse me…down-right character assassination of Cherie Currie, the former lead singer of the 70’s band The Runaways, and author of Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway.

It appears that Debbie was meant to have an interview with Cherie Currie on April 8th.  Cherie’s publicist, for whatever reason stopped the interview and took the tape (which has the recorded interview on it).  Debbie, obviously still bitter over having the interview canceled, posted a so-called “review” in which she refers to Cherie as a “slut, hag, and 50-year-old vessel o’ skank”, just to name a few.  Classy, Deb. From what I understand, there were more words she used, but have since been removed.  She also went so far as to say that first, Elvis will be rolling over in his grave because his granddaughter Riley Keough was involved in the movie. And that second, Dakota Fanning’s parents should be charged with child abuse for allowing her to make the movie. It’s called Acting, Debbie!!

And yet, this story gets juicier still! Someone told Cherie Currie via Facebook, a popular social networking site, that Debbie Schlussel had indeed posted the scathing review on her site.  Cherie attempted to explain what happened to fans, and just let it go.  But it seemed her Facebook family would not just stand by and have Debbie say those things.

In a swift move, fans and friends of Cherie began to bombard Debbie’s website with comments of their own.  Debbie erased many of those comments and blocked IP addresses, only to add to their growing frustration. With their words not getting through, fans shared their anger on Cherie’s Facebook page.  Then, that was it!  Cherie confronted Debbie on the website herself. You go girl!

In an awesome display of class and self-control, Cherie did not resort to name-calling.  Instead, she explained that it was Debbie’s erratic and concerning behavior, which led to the canceled interview. According to Cherie, Debbie was shaking and trembling, and saying she was full of fear. Debbie seemed to have a mental break-down right there!!  But my favorite part of this note was when Cherie allowed some of her own anger to show : “Some words of advice. Remember that I am human and if we meet again… well, I suggest you walk the other way… that’s unless you want to put your money where your mouth is. I would bet it’s your potty mouth that hits the dirt first…. and stays there.” Oh my god, I love this woman!

Trust me, this gets even better.  Debbie responded by posting a terrible rebuttal before Cherie’s comment, saying that she was not shaking, and that she does indeed have fear…”a Fear for this Country”. Sheez, you can almost smell the sh!t as she pulled that out of her @ss! Meanwhile, she erased Ms. Currie’s second message, and continued to block other people’s IP addresses, including our own Cherie Currie’s. With more and more talk about the drama unfolding on Ms. Currie’s Facebook page, for two full days, family and friends begin to post on Debbie’s site.  Cherie’s sisters Marie and Sondra both wrote in,  and friend Lisa Marie Presley left her comment too.

But, the Cherry Bomb on the top of the sundae goes to: Jake Hays, the 19-year old son of Cherie Currie. Jake Hays wrote in to Debbie’s site without his mother knowing.  With eloquence and class, he RIPS DEBBIE A NEW ONE!  Love it Jake! He calls Debbie out on everything: to her name-calling, her lack of research on the band and his mom, all the while voicing his love, support, and exclaiming how proud he is of her.   And in a surprising move, Debbie did not erase any of his messages.

In fact, the only people supporting Debbie were 3 people named ebayer, lowandslow, and Whiteplum. I think it is pretty safe to assume that those names were probably registered to Debbie, since those names don’t show up on any of her other reviews or posts. Jake, along with countless other fans, saw right through that too.

So, I was just going to use this blog to voice the facts of this Internet Throw-Down, but clearly, that is impossible.  Facts on the internet are few and far between.  Opinions, however, are Everywhere! So, since Debbie “Downer” Schlussel decided to be so generous in voicing hers, I will be just as generous.

Let me start with the movie.  The Runaways is good – by ITSELF.  If you read the book, you will realize very early on that it omits and embellishes alot. But, never the less, it is a very good story.  The acting specifically was Spot On!  Kristen Stewart, known mostly for her work in the Twilight Series, seemed very close to becoming type-cast. I know that for me, I was ready to see something other that Bella Swan.  Picking her as Joan Jett was, for my lack of a better word, Perfect!! Staring up at the screen, I had forgotten that I was watching Kristen, and literally SAW Joan.  That was what I was hoping, yes, praying for. Dakota Fanning was also the only choice I could have seen as Cherie.  Hollywood is known for picking older actors to play teens, so it was refreshing to use Dakota who was 15, the same age as Cherie Currie when she made it into The Runways. Dakota was indeed “effortless” as one of my friends put it.  I have to say that Michael Shannon was absolutely incredible as Kim Fowley.  Go see this movie!

Next, the Book: Neon Angel.  It is a very easy and quick read.  Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down.  It puts you smack dab in the middle of the 1970s.  Cherie Currie takes us through those few years before, during, and after her singing with the Runaways.  Sure, it does have the elements you would expect and want: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.  But, also goes much, much deeper. It’s about the family you have, the family you make, our choices and our decisions, and creating our own life experiences. I am thrilled the book is #6 on the LA Times Bestseller list! The Runaways deserve the recognition for paving the way for women to Rock!  And Cherie Currie deserves this because she lived this, survived this, and has given others hope by telling her story. I hope all young people go out and pick up their copy.

And now, for the fun part: Debbie Schlussel…what can I say about Debbie that won’t get me sued? Let me think… From what I know of this Debbie, she is basically a nobody.  Even as a journalist, lawyer, and an occasional guest on the Right-wing spun FOX network, nobody I’ve talked to had a clue as to who she was…that is until she messed up her interview with Cherie. Instead of apologizing, she used venom in attempt to get her 15 minutes of fame. She also seems to be fascinated with Lesbianism: eg. The The Runaways = endorsing lesbianism.  Elizabeth Berkley = endorsing lesbianism. Angelina Jolie = endorsing lesbianism. Oprah = endorsing lesbianism. These references are on her website people…and what are we thinking? Yup, she is a closeted lesbian homophobe.  And, not only that, she is also a racist.  OMG! If I try to link all of the proof of that on here, it’ll take me all day so, instead, just take a glimpse of her website.  It’s garbage.

So, is there a moral, or a point to this story?  I think there is…there are a few.

1) Don’t do interviews if you did NOT research the person.

2) Do not review movies if you did not WATCH the movie. I believe whole heartedly that Debbie did not watch The Runaways.

3) Do not bash someone’s mother, friend, or family member if you do not have a way to back it up.

From Left to Right: Lita, Joan, Jackie, Sandy & Cherie

4) Read Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway by Cherie Currie

5) Watch The Runaways and see how Hollywood interprets the story.

6) Facebook friends can be an Army!

7) Do not listen to Debbie Schlussel!

Oh Saturday Night Live – How I Love Thee!  Debbie Downer – performed by Rachel Dratch.  I think we’ve found who this character is based on!!

Co-Author: MediaMogul